Common Oral Health Issues (That Aren’t Cavities)

Your smile’s health is about more than just whether or not you have any cavities. Of course, cavities are a common and well-known issue. Without prompt restorative dental care, a cavity can do significant harm, even to the point of costing you that tooth. That being said, good oral health means protecting yourself against a range of concerns. Having a caring dentist who provides quality care means having all possible oral health threats identified and treated. During a routine dental exam, your dentist is looking for problems besides decay. They will need to check on the condition of your gums, and watch for problems that can lead to cavity development. They also keep watch for signs you might be dealing with bruxism and TMD, which can cause major oral health issues. Continue reading “Common Oral Health Issues (That Aren’t Cavities)”

Putting A Stop To Pain Caused By TMD

TMD can make each day more difficult. TMD is often referred to as TMJ, though TMJ technically only refers to the temporomandibular joint. TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. If you have ongoing issues with your jaw joints, you can experience pain in your face, neck, and head. You might also notice a clicking sound in the joints, and have some difficulties moving them comfortably. You can receive help with TMD through treatment from your dentist. Many patients can come away with aid in the form of a special oral appliance that alleviates joint alignment issues. Continue reading “Putting A Stop To Pain Caused By TMD”

Enjoy A Star Spangled Salute At Miller Outdoor Theatre

This Fourth Of July, you can enjoy an evening of great music in a fun outdoor setting by checking out the Star Spangled Salute at Miller Outdoor Theatre. The patriotic celebration will see the Houston Symphony perform several iconic American pieces, as well as a special rendition of the 1812 Overture, complete with cannons! You and your family can enjoy the music, and stay for a rousing fireworks display set to close out the night. The event is ticketed – the box office will open during the day of the concert to distribute free tickets, with any remaining tickets offered an hour before the concert begins. Continue reading “Enjoy A Star Spangled Salute At Miller Outdoor Theatre”

Having A Problem Tooth Extracted (And Replaced)

A tooth extraction is only performed in circumstances where no other treatment will suffice. You may need to have a tooth removed due to a significantly advanced cavity, or because of a congenital issue that calls for extraction. Your dentist can perform your treatment in a way that minimizes the discomfort you might expect (dental sedation can be provided to help you feel at ease). They can also talk to you about replacing what was lost, so that you retain your complete smile. This is important – even one missing tooth is enough to undermine your oral health. Thanks to modern, life-like materials, your dental prosthetic can leave your smile looking natural. Continue reading “Having A Problem Tooth Extracted (And Replaced)”

Porcelain Veneers Make Lasting Changes To Your Smile

Cosmetic dental work can benefit those people looking to address natural flaws that have held back their smile, and those who need to address dental damage. If you feel your smile will need a more involved level of cosmetic care, you should know that many patients address several flaws through the placement of porcelain veneers. Veneers are custom-made shells that hide damage by covering the front of your teeth. This can lead to coverage for teeth that are chipped and cracked, as well as those teeth that exhibit signs of improper development. In some cases, this is chosen to address discoloration, particularly in cases where a person has suffered intrinsic discoloration. Continue reading “Porcelain Veneers Make Lasting Changes To Your Smile”

Stress Can Complicate Your Oral Health

No one wants to endure stress for a prolonged period. Unfortunately, sometimes it can seem like this unpleasant feeling is hard to shake. There are real repercussions associated with stress when it comes to our health. What you should know is that your oral health can also be adversely impacted by stress. It can be harder to fit in proper dental care when you feel as though you are always in a rush. You might be more inclined to consume convenient foods and drinks that are higher in sugar, which increases your cavity risk. You should also be aware that when you endure stress, your risk for developing bruxism and TMJ dysfunction will increase. Continue reading “Stress Can Complicate Your Oral Health”

Check Out Kids 1st Saturday At The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub, a popular Houston breakfast destination, is hosting a special event on the first Saturday of each month. Kids First Saturday will be a monthly event that provides extra fun and games for kids at the restaurant. What will they have to look forward to? Face painting, games, music – your kids can even bounce around in a moonwalk provided by the restaurant! This regular event allows you to enjoy a tasty morning meal at a highly regarded breakfast spot, while giving your kids an exciting way to start their Saturday. Continue reading “Check Out Kids 1st Saturday At The Breakfast Klub”

Will A Filling Be Enough Support After A Cavity?

If you want to know if a dental filling can support your tooth after a cavity, you will need to talk with your dentist. If you want to improve your chances of only needing a filling – and not a root canal treatment – make sure you see your dentist for care as soon as possible. When a cavity forms, its spread is not something you can slow down or stop. As time passes, the decay will worsen, and will eventually damage the interior of your tooth. Simply put, you have to see your dentist if you want to put a stop to your cavity. In cases where the cavity’s spread is limited at the time of treatment, a dental filling can be all you require. Continue reading “Will A Filling Be Enough Support After A Cavity?”

Providing Comfort During A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be a stressful – and, of course, painful – experience. If you come for care in because of a serious toothache, or because of an injury that affects one tooth, or several, you may be worried about what your treatment will involve. You should know that you can enjoy restorative dental care that emphasizes patient comfort, while being committing to fully restoring your oral health. If necessary, you can even enjoy an appropriate degree of dental sedation to help you feel at ease. Because one source of anxiety for patients is how treatment might affect your appearance. You should know that the restoration you receive can allow you to keep a natural-looking smile. Continue reading “Providing Comfort During A Dental Emergency”

Discussing Dental Discoloration With Your Dentist

What can you learn from a consultation with your dentist about dental discoloration? Some people can learn that a professional whitening treatment is NOT the way to address their concerns. Discoloration can be extrinsic, or intrinsic. Extrinsic discoloration concerns stains from foods and drinks (as well as the use of tobacco products). For these issues, a whitening treatment can be an excellent solution. However, intrinsic discoloration is different. You suffer intrinsic discoloration due to internal tooth problems. Your issue might stem from medications you take, or because of an injury. A different cosmetic dental treatment will be needed to take care of these issues. Continue reading “Discussing Dental Discoloration With Your Dentist”

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