Relief from Bruxism and TMJ Disorder (TMD)

When you grind your teeth in your sleep, you may not realize you’re doing it, and the longer it continues, the greater the risk to your dental health. Known as bruxism, the habit of uncontrollable teeth-grinding is closely related to the jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder, or TMD. Excessive stress and pressure can damage the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) that enable the movement of your jaw, and lead to intense tooth pain, dental discomfort, and difficulty biting and chewing. To treat bruxism or TMD, Dr. Hamidi often prescribes a custom-made oral appliance, or guard, that can protect your teeth from touching each other, as well as help your jaw rest more comfortably while you sleep.

At Your Appointment

Bruxism and TMD can take many different forms and can manifest in varying degrees, depending on the patient. Therefore, the first step to finding relief is a comprehensive examination, during which Dr. Hamidi can carefully examine and analyze your teeth and bite. If appropriate, then she will custom-design your appliance according to your individual bite specifications. If your teeth have already suffered excessive wear or damage, then your plan might also include an appropriate restorative dental treatment to repair them.

Alleviate Your Chronic Bruxism and TMJ Pain

If you experience chronic pain and discomfort related to bruxism and/or TMJ disorder, then let Dr. Hamidi design a custom treatment to help you find lasting relief. To schedule an examination, fill out the contact form below, or call our dental office in Houston, TX at (281) 245-0711. We happily serve the residents of Spring, Spring Branch, Sealy, Cypress, and all surrounding communities.

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