Dentistry for Children of All Ages

As a highly experienced family dentist, Dr. Hamidi understands that children have a unique set of needs when it comes to their dental health. Like adults, children need routine preventive care in the form of checkup and cleaning appointments, and in some cases, additional help in preventing cavities and other dental issues. Also, when treating a child’s primary teeth, Dr. Hamidi and team keep in mind that the health and integrity of baby teeth can set the stage for your child’s dental health as an adult.

At Your Appointment

For most children, the first visit to the dentist should occur shortly after the first tooth appears, which in some cases may be as young as six months old. By the age of three, or as soon as Dr. Hamidi recommends, your child should begin attending regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings. Children who need help preventing cavities might benefit from dental sealants (to protect) and fluoride (to strengthen) tooth enamel. However, when necessary, Dr. Hamidi can also perform complex restorative procedures to repair children’s teeth that have become compromised.

Give Your Children the Advantage of Professional Dentistry

Children need professional dental care as much as adults do, and we’re especially skilled at helping our young patients feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. To schedule an appointment for your child, fill out the contact form below, or call our dental office in Houston, TX at (281) 245-0711. We happily serve the residents of Spring, Spring Branch, Sealy, Cypress, and all surrounding communities.

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