A Dental Crown for Every Type of Tooth

Minor forms of tooth damage, like noticeable wear, a chip in its edge, or a minor crack in its surface, may be fixed with a cosmetic procedure like tooth bonding or a porcelain veneer. But when the damage is enough to threaten the tooth’s integrity and ability to sustain the weight of your bite, then a dental crown may be the best option for restoring it. A dental crown is fashioned to mimic the top portion of your tooth—also called a crown—and is permanently bonded over the tooth. Made from a variety of materials—including porcelain, metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or zirconia—today’s dental crowns can be designed to specifically address your unique cosmetic and restorative needs.

At Your Appointment

The first step to creating a modern dental crown is to carefully examine, prepare, and measure the tooth. An examination will ensure that a crown truly is the best option for you. Next, Dr. Hamidi will prepare the tooth by sculpting it to accommodate the crown. Our advanced digital imaging equipment will help us create highly precise measurements to hand-craft your custom dental crown with optimal precision. For patients who’ve lost a tooth, or have a tooth that is too damaged or infected to repair, Dr. Hamidi can recommend replacing the tooth with a dental crown attached to a dental implant. The implant serves as a prosthetic tooth root, and is inserted into the jawbone. After you’ve healed, Dr. Hamidi can secure your lifelike dental crown to the implant abutment, creating a root-and-crown replica of your lost or extracted tooth.

Give Your Tooth a Second Chance with a Dental Crown

Tooth damage is permanent, but you can give your tooth a second chance with a custom-designed dental crown! To schedule a visit, fill out the contact form below, or call our dental office in Houston, TX at (281) 245-0711. We happily serve the residents of Spring, Spring Branch, Sealy, Cypress, and all surrounding communities.

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