Sedation Dentistry to Stay Calm and Relaxed


Sedation Dentist - helping patients with dental anxiety, fear and phobiaAt Smile Time Dental, our gentle, personal approach to caring for patients helps everyone feel comfortable and like family. For increased comfort, we also specialize in administering various forms of dental sedation, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and oral conscious sedation.

Patients undergoing extensive treatment, such as root canal therapy or dental implant placement, or who experience fear and dental anxiety, can remain calm and relaxed with an appropriate form of dental sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is a way for you to experience virtually painless dental treatment without being totally unconscious during the procedure. There are no I-V anesthetics involved—you will be given medication before your treatment that will put you in a very relaxed state. Oral conscious sedation makes it possible for you to avoid feeling discomfort or pressure during the procedure; however, you will be able to communicate with our doctors and their assistants.

Sedation dentistry can help if you are:

  • Anxious about needles, dental treatments, and dentists in general
  • Affected by sensitive teeth and gums
  • Uncomfortable hearing the sounds of dental instruments
  • Uncomfortable with the tastes associated with dental procedures
  • Anxious about dental conditions that may require long treatment processes
  • At Your Dental Appointment

    For patients who may be anxious or fearful about visiting the dentist, dental sedation can be vital to helping them receive the dental care they need and deserve. Fear can prevent patients from procedures as simple as checkups and cleanings, which can allow one or more dental diseases time to develop and advance. During your consultation, Dr. Hamidi will discuss any concerns you may have about treatment and the extent of your condition, and whether or not you can benefit from nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or a combination of both.

    Find Out if Dental Sedation Is Right for You

    If you’re worried about your treatment, or if you experience dental fear or phobia, then ask us if dental sedation can help you. To learn more, schedule a visit by filling out the contact form below, or by call our dental office in Houston, TX at (281) 245-0711. We happily serve the residents of Spring, Spring Branch, Sealy, Cypress, and all surrounding communities.

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